Update film collection

Just update the film collection photos and enjoy


Funny Question?!

I planned to take a shot for the child inside the restaurant. However, the sunny day reflected myself on the window as well. Funny thing is… how can I use the CPL if I have […]


Sunset & Cloud Flares

Such a lucky day to capture the beautiful sunset and cloud flares today. Here is a public pier in Hong Kong – Sheung Wan. Ever the COVID-19 and the increasingly number of confirmed cases , […]



More than 50% discount for all my pictures show in any catalogs. Feel free to enjoy and see if any pictures suitable for you to subscribe. P.S. no water mark is displayed for all purchased […]



I borrowed a hi-fi CD from my friend last week and tried to test my speaker setting at home. Long time ago I didn’t carry the same sound testing until 2018, since the environment was […]


Best Lens

Keep searching the lens that you are looking for, 21mm or 35mm or even 50mm. A lot of the lens and review said how pro & cons for those lens they are. You will keep […]


Long Long Time No Post

Long time no post until last one on last year… haha… such a lazy guy I am. Anyway, no one will care and no one will visit my site. It is just for my a […]


Black and White Update

2 more photos have been uploaded after I traveled back from Germany. Change the tone black and white to make it more monochromatic.


New photos updated in Hong Kong Category

I got some updated for the Hong Kong Catalog with the sunset photos shoot at the peak along the beautiful “Lion Rock Mountain”. Please feel free to comment and happy to purchase one for the […]


Film Collection with ILFORD HP5 400

It is a film collection taken by my camera and share with you all with different film and different quality it made. All the film develop and scan is from a shop and here is […]